A guy wearing a white t-shirt and covering his face with both hands. DTG printing pros and cons blogpost.

The Pros and Cons of DTG Printing

Direct to garment printing, or simply DTG, uses an inkjet printer to apply inks on the t-shirts.  As with any print process, there are pros and cons.

We talk about this topic in detail in our free Ebook The Beginner’s Guide to DTG Printing, but here is a short overview:

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of DTG

The word PROS in grey over a white background. DTG printing pros.

  • Huge design possibilities
  • Workflow integration
  • Customization
  • Small runs
  • Can reduce costs
  • Environmentally friendly

The word CONS in grey over a white background. DTG printing cons.

  • You need a controlled room
  • Lower range of printable materials
  • Height limitations
  • Large runs can be less cost effective
  • Color correctness
  • Learning curve

The Beginner’s Guide to DTG Printing

Three books on top of each other. The cover reads: DTG Merch - The Beginners Guide to DTG Printing.

In this Ebook, we talk about everything you need to know to get started in the direct to garment business and to print your own T-Shirts.