A white and a black t-shirt over a wood background. How to fo a simple wash test is printed on the black t-shirt. The white t-shirt has a washing machine front printed on.

New Ebook – How to do a simple T-Shirt wash test

The second Ebook from DTG Merch is online! And is again FREE!

In the How to do a simple T-Shirt wash test  Ebook, you will find useful information on how to do a simple wash test at home.

Table of contents

1 – Introduction

2 – Why you should do a washing test?

3 – What influences wash fastness?

4 – What do you need to do a wash test?

5 – How do you do a washing test?

6 – How do you interpret the results (visual & measured)?

7 – What to do after the wash test?

8 – What if the wash test failed?

9 – What can you do to ensure good results?

10 – Conclusion

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New DTG Merch Ebook

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