we are Maggi and Everson, and we are DTG Merch.


Between the two of us, we have accumulated more than 25 years of experience in various areas of the textile industry.
We met during our employment at a dtg printer manufacturer. Soon it became obvious that we would be a good team – in business as well as in our private lives.


During the last few years, we had the pleasure of working with many different companies, printers, operators, brands, and designers. We made lots of friends around the world in the process (you know who you are! :-).


But above all, we noticed lots of “common” pain points that all of them share. We feel that we can contribute a little towards solving those issues. That’s how the idea for DTG Merch was born.


With dtgmerch.com, we want to make our dream of helping people run successful direct to garment printing businesses come alive. During the last few years, we noticed that there are many “dots left to connect” in the industry. We are in the fortunate situation to have wide experiences in all areas dedicated to dtg printing.


If you would like to know more about our professional lives, please feel free connect with us on LinkedIn.